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Some of Our Favorite Links ...

Butcher's Bunches
Butcher's Bunches, owned by Liz Butcher, is a Cache Valley-based business. Liz has reinvented the word jam by creating innovative, new flavor combinations using local produce.  She has also recreated the more common flavor preserves by eliminating sugar (or it's unhealthy substitutes) and using unique, fresh spices and other flavorings to enhance the fresh flavors of local ingredients.

Christine Sutherland
Christine Sutherland discovered the dyes on silk media in 1999. Since then, she has perfected the technique of using French Dupont dyes and wax resist on heavy charmeuse silk.   She specializes in capturing leaves, trees birds, and water in this unique style.  Visit her site ... take a look at her work.  The striking colors, smooth textures, and natural images will leave you breathless!

Made in the Shade Kaleidoscopes
There's something about kaleidoscopes that is nostalgic, yet magical.  Steve Failows has taken the idea behind a popular toy and turned it into a collectible art form.  His unique, ceramic kaleidoscopes vary in size from small turntable styles to grand floor models and are found in exclusive galleries throughout the U.S.  The kaleidoscopes are mounted on crystal, fossil, and burl pedestals.  Visit Steve's website for more information about his scopes and gallery locations.  According to Steve, "We don't stop playing because we grow old ... we grow old because we stop playing."

Children's Needs.com
Children's Needs.com specializes in bringing quality and unique products to families with young children.  They offer a variety of European baby slings, jogging strollers, educational toys, eco sheepskins, and homeopathic remedies.  Leaning towards more natural and environmentally-friendly products, Children's Needs.com is helping families provide a more nurturing and healthy environment during those early years.   

Rasmussen Pottery
Rasmussen Pottery is located in the heart of Cache Valley in Hyrum, Utah, about 100 miles north of Salt Lake City. They handcraft pottery with high-fire stoneware clay that is thrown on a potter's wheel or made from slabs or coils. Their exceptionally elegant pieces are both artistic and functional.

Lau Family Farm
The Lau Family Farm is a fifth generation farming/ranching family in the Five Mile Meadow area north of Soda Springs, Idaho. They specialize in grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free beef and lamb.  They also sell raw fleece, rovings, and yarn.  You can purchase yarn at The Spirit Goat booth in the Browse Around Antique shop.

Cache Business Resource Center
The mission of the Cache Business Resource Center (CBRC) is to support economic and business development that will improve the quality of life and economic well-being of citizens in the region and the State of Utah. The CBRC will provides an environment where emerging and established businesses can experience a collaborative environment of training, counseling, state-of-the-art operating space, and relevant resource information from both government and private providers. Incubator services, both on-site and virtual, include educational programs and technical assistance for both owner and employees.

Bear River Heritage Area
The Bear River Heritage Area straddles the Idaho-Utah border where the Great Basin and the Rocky Mountains meet. It is home to a strong agricultural economy, history-laced landscape, and abundant natural beauty.  Retrace the footsteps of early fur traders, Mormon settlers, and generations of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation.  Experience the unique and varied cultural heritage found within the Bear River Basin of Northern Utah and Southeastern Idaho. The website directs you to a variety of natural, historical and cultural experiences including museums, historical sites, scenic byways, shopping venues, local entertainment, and a great deal more.


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