A foresty blend of Forest Thyme & Angel. 

We are supporting ReLEAF UTAH in May. They are a non-profit organization working to develop community based tree and forest stewardship, through effective partnerships, meaningful projects, and informative outreach. Their goal is to plant, protect and preserve trees through education, advocacy and action. Educating young and old, about the best tree care and planting practices based on science. They advocate for trees, past, present, and future to build beautiful communities. They work with schools, service groups, church groups, businesses and government agencies across Utah to improve the lives of trees. They planted over 2,000 seedlings, planted and maintained trees in local parks, and helped restore the 150 trees in the pioneer apple orchard at Wasatch Mountain State Park. Trees produce multiple health benefits, trees make oxygen; trees clean air, water and soil; trees lessen noise pollution, trees slow storms water runoff, and trees shade and cool us. They store carbon, fight soil erosion, reduce energy costs, and increase property values. 


Learn more at www.releafutah.org