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For a luxurious, relaxing bath add our Sea Salt Bath Salts. Sea salt is hailed for its health-enhancing minerals, therapeutic properties, and all-natural harvesting process. Adding a little sea salt to the bath can stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, help relieve stiffness in joints, aid with arthritis or back pain, and soothe achy, overworked legs and feet.


Turn bath time into a relaxing, spa like experience with a variety of scents or our lavender essential oil. 


Bath Salts are easy to use: simply run a warm bath, then add two tablespoons or two capfuls of bath salts into the water and allow them to dissolve, mixing together if necessary. Carefully step into your tub, submerge, and relax!

Bath Salts

  • sea salt, colorant, and fragrance

  • 5 oz.

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