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Our Beard Oil, inspired by a request from a customer, features a moisturizing mix of natural oils including argan oil. Beard Oils are much more skin-focused than other beard care products, and work to keep everything looking and feeling healthy and comfortable. Beard Oil helps to control itchiness, ingrown hairs, acne and other blemishes, dandruff, and it helps tame the wild ones!  


The 1 oz. bottle of oil comes with a mini mister so you can add as little or as much as you want. Now available in a 4 oz. bottle too!

We offer 3 scents and a fragrance-free option. 

Backcountry: a minty, orange essential oil blend
Desert Solitude: cedarwood and sage
Rendezvous: a complex blend of essential oils dominated by juniper berry 

Look for our mustache wax, also featuring argan oil!

Beard Oil

  • sweet almond oil, argan oil, and fragrance blend

  • 1 oz. including a mister or

    4 oz.

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