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We have combined the nourishing power of goat's milk with hydrating plant based oils and skin soothing beneficial ingredients like silk which reduces the appearance of fine lines, helps with hydration levels, improves elasticity, fights pollution and increases the rate of cellular regeneration. Mowrah butter which nourishes the skin and softens it while also healing it from infections or bacteria. Shea butter which is an excellent moisturizer, especially for those with dry or combination skin. It helps restore the skin's natural barrier, reducing moisture loss and combating the effects of environmental stressors. Rose hip oil high which is high in vitamin A and Vitamin C which are the perfect nutrients needed to remove fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging healthy skin cell production. Evening primrose oil is packed with essential nutrients and healthy fats, making your skin look youthful and flawless. Evening primrose oil is known to lighten the skin and reduce hyper-pigmentation or any dark spots. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil also help reduce swelling, redness, itching, and rashes on the skin. The healing properties of Vitamin E and Chamomile extract on the skin brings along powerful antioxidants which help the skin to regenerate, tighten pores and slow down aging effects in the skin.


Our Face Cream is light enough to wear under makeup and may be applied in the morning and the night as a moisturizing cream.


Available in 2 oz and 4 oz bottles. 


Our "Refill Program" helps reduce single use plastic in our landfills. All of our face product containers can be refilled --

Face Cream

  • water, goat's milk, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, chamomile infused sweet almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil, babassu oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil, shea butter, mowrah butter, green algae, wheat protein, rosehip oil, glycerine, chamomile extract, phenonip, silk, Vit. E, and fragrance oil

  • 2 oz. & 4 oz. 

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