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If your actions cause happiness, they are considered constructive, positive, and virtuous. Good deeds done for others is Good Karma. 

Scented with a warm, rich blend of Black Vetiver Cafe which is warm and rich. Freshly roasted coffee with a hint of lemon & jasmine, blended with spicy pepper, coriander, woody amber, cedar, and musk, adds an undeniable sensual mystery.

Good Karma ~ Washes away all signs of bad karma.

~ Made with positive energy 

~Living well and beautifully and justly are all one thing ~ Socrates.
Say hello to Good Karma and wash the bad down the drain! 

Best Seller.

Good Karma

  • goat's milk; saponified oils of rice bran, soybean, palm kernel, palm, coconut, and shea butter; fragrance/essential oil; and skin-safe colorants

  • 4.3 oz.

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