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Hydrating exfoliant packed with natural minerals. Himalayan salt is a brilliant natural exfoliator that will scrub away dead cells for softer, brighter-looking skin. Himalayan salt helps to restore deep hydration to the skin. We’ve added sugar which breaks down layers of dead skin and smooths the skin surface. It also speeds up rehydration, keeping skin conditioned and moisturized. Plant based oils like Mango Butter, Almond and Olive oil add rejuvenating moisture making firmer, healthier looking skin. Scented with 'Polynesian Red' a juicy pomegranate, with a hint of fruity pineapple, green apple, mango and red grapefruit.


How to use: Himalayan Salt Scrub should be applied in a warm shower or bath since the warm water will help soften the skin, maximizing the effects of the scrub. Apply with your hand or a washcloth in small, circular motions. These circular motions will stimulate blood circulation to promote healthy looking skin. Scrubs may be used 1-2 times a week, or as needed to exfoliate dry skin and reveal younger, glowing skin. 

Himalayan Salt Scrub

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