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Utah's nickname is the 'Beehive State,' but this is not because it has lots of beehives. Instead, the symbol of the beehive was chosen in 1848 because bees represent perseverance and industry.  The Bee Soap, from the mountains of northern Utah, is the perfect gift representing Utah, plus is is specially crafted with a hint of creamy milk and sweet honey, stamped with a bee complete with a honeycomb top dusted with golden mica. 


Available in gift wrap! Tied in an adorable bee-designed cellophane bag with black raffia and a honey bee charm to tie it off. 

The Bee Soap

  • goat's milk; saponified oils of rice bran, soybean, palm kernel, palm, coconut, and shea butter; fragrance/essential oil; and skin-safe colorants

  • 5.2 oz.

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